Sunday, 30 October 2016

Cheap Christmas gift ideas for girls!

As Christmas is only a couple of months away, I thought I'd dedicate this week's blog post to a Christmas gift idea! I hope I can help a few people at least in buying presents for their friends/girlfriend's/sisters if you don't want to spend a lot.

1) Soap and glory minis (moisturisers, antibacterial hand gel's)

Soap & Glory SUGAR CRUSH  Hand Sanitizer 50mlSoap & Glory™ Hand Maid™ Antibacterial Hand Cleansing Gel 50ml                            Soap & Glory Mini Hand Food Hand Cream 50ml

Soap and glory products are amazing because a lot of the time they are on 3 for 2 at Boots. These would be great as a stocking filler or as a gift for friends along with a few other treats.

2) Single makeup products. (Eye shadows, highlights, lipsticks etc)

Makeup Obsession highlighter moon                          Soap & Glory™ Sexy Mother Pucker™ Lip Shine Lacquer

Small items like these don't cost hardly anything along with the Soap and glory minis, especially if your friend's all love makeup which mine do!!

3) Lush bath bomb products.

Lush products are a favourite all year round but I especially love giving them to my friends at Christmas. The product above is ''Butter bear'' priced at a cheap £1.95. Although if you want to push the boat out you could go for snow fairy or other more expensive products.

I hope you enjoyed my second upload of the week, for the next three or four weeks I don't know how much I'll be able to upload due to important exams, apologies :( after that however I'll be back to normal uploads! 

Much love, Mia X

Friday, 28 October 2016

How much is my makeup collection worth?!

I just wanted to say thank you firstly for everyone who's left comments and even viewed my blog, it means a lot.

I got this blog idea off my friend, Emily who also has a blog. The link is just below.

I will be adding up what my makeup collection is worth in categories, primers being first. Hope you enjoy this blog!

-Rimmel stay matte
-Benefit ''That gal''
  • £9.99
-Collection lasting perfection (x3)
-Rimmel wake me up
-Natural collection
  • £20.35
-Rimmel 25 hour lasting finish (x2)
-Rimmel light perfecting radiance
-Maybelline dream satin liquid
  • £31.96
-Rimmel clear complexion
-Rimmel stay matte (x2)
  • £16.97
-MUA ''bon bon''
-Makeup revolution baked blush
-Benefit ''Thrrob'' (discontinued)
-Benefit posie tint
  • £53.99
-Rimmel natural bronzer
-Barry M contour kit
-Seventeen ''define and conquer''
-Benefit hoola bronzer
  • £41.97
-Makeup revolution palette 'Born to Die''
-No7 smokey rose quad
-Barry M natural glow shadow and primer 1
-Barry M natural glow shadow and blush 2
-Seventeen single shadow ''Yeah baby''
  • £32.37
-MAC opulash optimum black (x2)
-No7 fanomenal lash
-H&M lengthening mascara
-H&M volumising mascara
-Forever living ''lengthening''
-Maybelline lash sensational
-Benefit ''Bad gal'' (x2)
  • £110.83
-Soap and glory carbon black
-Rimmel scandal eyes
  • £11.49
-MAC eyebrow crayon
-Rimmel pro palette
-Maybelline brow satin
-Benefit brows a go go 
  • £52.48
-Benefit high beam
-Makeup revolution highlight sweetheart
  • £24.50
(There are too many products for me to list here! If you have any specific questions about my lip products, feel free to comment below :) )
  • £213.45
Setting sprays
-NYX matte setting spray
  • £7.00

Grand total!

  • £627.35
Who knew you could spend so much on makeup, it's crazy! Thank you so much for reading. 

Much love, Mia X

Monday, 24 October 2016

Top 5 favourite lip products!

In this blog I'll be sharing with you all my top 5 favourite lip products and why I rate them so highly. They'll be a range of lipsticks, glosses and balms. Every product I'll try and link down below.

5. Maybelline Baby lips lip balm in ''Hydrate'' - £2.99

This product makes it into my top 5 because its such a hydrating, moisturising product (hence the name). It's also very affordable and lasts a while. The packaging is simple  
but the bright colours really compliment each other. This is personally my favourite out of the collection.

4. No7 Moisture Drench Lipstick in ''Plum beautiful''- £9.95

I have two lipsticks from the moisture drench collection, the above and Cameo a pink toned lip colour and they are both beautiful. They are so moisturising on the lips and are really pigmented. They aren't as expensive as M.A.C however NYX is more affordable. These are also really wearable whether you want to keep it natural or glam.

3. M.A.C Matte lipstick in ''Velvet Teddy''- £15.50

This is one of the most popular lip colours from M.A.C. It's a nice consistency, however I find it really hard to apply, I don't know why but I just seem to really struggle. Another con about this brand is the animal testing, this is the only product I own from M.A.C and in the future would love to try their pigments but the animal testing does put me off quite a bit.

2. NYX matte lipstick in ''Spirit''- £6.50

This is number 2 because I absolutely love the product as well as the brand. There is a big range of colours and they are soft and supple to apply. A 10/10 for me. I love NYX as a whole and can't wait to try more of their products in the future.

1. NYX Lingerie liquid lipstick in ''Push up''- £6.50

Finally! This is my number 1 lip product. It's again a NYX product and I'm completely obsessed with this product, its a lovely apllicator and glides on smoothly. There are a lot of colours in this range to choose from. I suggest you try this if you like liquid lipsticks because such a fab product!

If you have any questions about any of the products please comment down below.

Much love, Mia.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

My Christmas wishlist 2016!

My Christmas Wishlist 

(Apologies for not uploading last week!)

Most of the items you will see are makeup, fashion and beauty, and every product will be linked if you want to check them out.

 Black Suedette Over The Knee Boots  | New Look
These boots caught my eye as soon as I saw them, they are absolutely beautiful! You could wear these with a simple black dress and choker, or a pair of skinny jeans and bardot top. The pair on the right hand side are equally as pretty but without the block heel. The boots are both same price at £44.99.

The top link is for the NYX eyeshadow pigments and the second link is for the lingerie eye tint. The pigments come in a range of fab colours and I especially love the purple on screen! The lingerie tints are good if you don't want to make too much of an effort with your eyes on that certain day.

  • The NYX pigments are priced at £5.50 (very affordable!!)
  • The NYX eye tints are priced at £6.00 (again very affordable!)

Tegan Two Part Mermaid Effect Stiletto

These shoes make me very very happy, they are amazing. I love absolutely everything about them!!

  • The price of these shoes are £22.00, if you like cheap but a wide variety of items, boohoo is your place to shop! Rate them highly.

I also would love to get a new phone, but didn't include pictures or links because, well, I just didn't lol. 

If you'd like to see a part 2 comment down below, because this was only a snippet  into my Christmas wishlist!

Much love, Mia X